Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Laundry solution

The RO Brine could potentially be re-used to do laundry. In rural areas, the large quantity of brine can be used in a communal laundry facility. The brine could be pumped to any existing communal laundry location in the village/ town, and if such a facility does not exist, any empty piece of land close to the franchisee could be made into one. The benefits of this would not just be the re-use of the reject brine, but also reduction in the use of virgin groundwater for laundry. This could also be a moneymaking venture for the franchisee. If the people are charged for the water they use every-day, then this brine could be provided at a lower cost to the users for laundry. Another advantage of this solution would be that it would serve as a communal gathering for the women, and thereby provide social benefits. Even in urban-areas the reject brine could be used in Laundromats, either owned by the franchisee or pumped to an external Laundromat close by.

The problem with this idea is the effect the brine would have on clothes. When used with regular laundry detergent, the RO brine does not let it foam much. When in Rajasthan, we intend to do some water quality testing and also physically test if the reject affects the quality of the clothes. Another barrier to this solution could be objection from the end users. This is something we will learn more about by interacting with them when we are on the field.

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  1. For working woman laundry create too many problem in day to day life, but dynamic laundry solution method that you determine are implementable.