Thursday, July 21, 2011

Data, data and more data

This morning we checked on our clothes washed in brine and our clothes washed in municipal water and we haven't noticed any great difference. This is consistent with what we've been hearing from franchisees and local dhobis.

At the office, we spent the morning mulling over our ideas and getting into more in depth research.

We've mentioned this before (see our post from July 16th), but Sarvajal has a sophisticated real-time data management system that draws 12 points of data from almost every franchise. We spent some more time mulling over the data this morning, particularly for the franchises we have visited thus far. The amount of data Sarvajal has collected is extensive- we are mostly interested in the TDS levels and quantities of brine being produced. It seems like everything we want to know is there- we just need to start making sense of it!

We are headed to Delhi this weekend with a long To-Do list. We've contacted some plant nurseries about native plants that might be tolerant of salty soils and we hope to do a little plant shopping before our return to Bagar. We're also planning to visit the "Toilet Museum" and talk to some location NGOs about waste water treatment and the viability of using brine to flush toilets. We may also visit some pet shops to talk fish (regarding the aquaculture idea.) and pick up a few supplies we haven't been able to find in Bagar or Jhunjhunu.

These last two weeks its been myself (Kate), Vaishnavi and Lauren, but by the time we get back to Bagar next week we'll have doubled in size! We can't wait for our other teammates- Lilly, Caitlin and Meredith- to arrive! See you guys soon!


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