Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shopping for supplies

A 15 minute bus ride at 9:30am in an overcrowded public bus found us on the streets of Jhunjhunu searching for supplies for our project. After picking up some general cleaning supplies for our room (which Kate is using right now!) we got down to business and went looking for a hardware store. A share auto ride of Rs5 per person got us to the right part of town and looking in a few stores we found some black plastic sheets, string, a mesh scoop, some measuring tape and others bits and pieces. We also did do a little shopping for scarves (absolutely essential to protect your head from this heat!) and also picked up some fruits. The plants we are looking for were not available, but the kind nursery owner offered to look for them in Sikar, another big town a couple of hours away. A bus ride back to Bagar, during which Kate made a friend from Lamba (a village nearby) who is working in the UAE now, a good lunch and then back to the office to get some work done.

And while we were working it finally started to rain! Which may sound strange- most of the time no one likes rain. But in India, the rain helps cool things off... at least for a little bit. The rain also helped us make a new friend. Lizards are fairly common here, but this one seems quite fond of the window in our office. He is so cute, we may just have to make him our unofficial office pet!

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