Monday, July 25, 2011


After a long bus ride to Delhi we surprised Caitlin and Lilly at the hotel! (They thought we weren't meeting until Sunday!)
We took a couple days off from the project to see the sights in Delhi.

Vaishnavi and Meredith met us in Agra (after Merediths very delayed flight!) We were finally all together as a group!

A day trip to the Taj Mahal proudly displaying our Michigan pride- Go Blue!

After taking in the sights, it wasn't long before our conversation turned to Sarvajal. We even had a very productive "train meeting" on our way back to Delhi!

Monday in Delhi making sure we had any supplies we can't get in Bagar (like toilet paper and granola bars!)


  1. Glad you're all together now. Best of luck with the rest of your visit- I hope it goes well!

  2. hey guys, its pretty awesome that you are doing this. keep it up. i am a UMICH alum settled back in India. Let me know if i can be of any help. you can contact me at

  3. Very impressive. Have you worked with Engineers Without Borders? They do a lot of clean water projects for developing areas. They're a nationwide organization with student and professional chapters, though it looks like UMich doesn't have one yet. Might be good thing to look into.

  4. Hey uhjcbe, nice comment. I'd love to see a book crossreferencing Engineers Without Borders with Medecins Sans Frontieres. Bet there's a lot of things to learn from each other and plenty of logistical stuff they could share while also more obliquely approaching the bioengineer specializations (maybe by science popularizer circuits for apprenticing dual-role journaling for their respective secretariat staffing). On the water ATMs -- nice idea, but it would carry even more value if the "currency" was carded and spec'd for different type industry formats (hydroponic irrigation, scientific deionized, etc), could be a way to branch it out and let each one reach one to share in water accounts microfinance by microcrediting, if one eliminates enough risk.

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