Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Evaporation Part Two

Our day began at 6 am today (Thanks Kate for waking us up!). We got to work on building our second evaporation unit behind the COCO. We made use of a cement trough already present there and used bricks to wall one side of it to get a square of 33/33 inches. This was lined with a black plastic sheet and filled with 8L of brine water. Transparent plastic was used to catch the water getting evaporated and a bottle is placed in the center to catch the condensed (and hopefully cleaner!) water. The picture might give a better sense of what we are doing. This didn’t take too much time and by 7 am we were waiting at the office waiting for our 7:30am team meeting with the rest of our team who are still in the US. This call was about bringing them up to date of our progress in the field, and to advice them on things to get with them. They get to India this Saturday, and we will have our whole team here the next week. We’re super excited to have you guys join us!! During our siesta time (to make up for the early morning) it started to rain- 5 minutes of a lot of rain and wind caused one side of the structure to collapse. We need to work on making our evaporation unit stronger! After some lunch, we are at the office doing more research into plants and fish. We are also planning some franchisee visits tomorrow, so keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post if you want to know what other franchisees are doing with their brine!

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