Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

It’s our one week Sarvajal anniversary! We may have to order something extra tasty at dinner to celebrate. Given all the places we’ve been and the things we’ve seen; I feel like we’ve been here for a month!

Today was much more low-key compared to yesterday. We checked on our evaporation pit and checked the TDS (total dissolved solids). It went from 860 to 935 in less than one day! That means that the solids aren’t evaporating with the water- which we guessed would happen, but guessing correctly is always nice. Our next step (besides continuing to monitor the TDS of our current pit), is to build another one which catches the evaporated water so we can test the TDS of that too.

We were also able to get our peppers and our aloe vera planted! Our garden is small right now, but we’re hoping to get more plants soon. The space behind the COCO is finally starting to take shape. While planting we noticed that one of the plants had a pepper on it- we picked it and gave it to Shiv Ratan, as a small thank you for all of his help so far. In return, he gave us a stick of banana gum. It was tasty!

From Sarvajal- Bagar, Week 1

The afternoon in the office was fairly quiet, except for a small bird that kept insisting on flying into/through our office. Too bad Lilly isn't here yet, she could probably tell us what kind it is!


  1. You got it- Bird identification is days away.

  2. I am guessing it was not the Painted Stork. Maybe the White Throated Kingfisher?